Newspapers II - Let's have a good laugh

I was about to put it online tomorrow, but as the text is ready, I send it now...

La Nueva España de Gijón
Yébé colours the Antiguo Instituto with his Pop Art
The exhibition shows also some Pop art paintings by french artist YéBé. - first sentence, nothing to say - This Artist, born in Perpignan sarted his plastic carrer in a quite particular way. - And...? - There, in the sixties - I didn't know me so old, must be 55 years old... or more - fed up with the greyish - I do not know how a press reporter understand GREY as you say WHITE, maybe a M Jackson syndrome - of his room, he decided and started to paint - that could have remained a project beguining of previsional sketches - small canvas on his walls - Never said small, and by the way they were quite big -. In a few time, he managed turn that place into a funny and colourful room - coz' before it was something between a concrete plant and an East Berlin high school -. A real metaphor of the times he used to live - Yeah, the sixties, But isn't the public more interested in knowning what I'm doing now than how i started painting more than 40 years ago.

By now the artist is enjoying the Gijón's Euroyéye - as i live here for more than a year and a half, i came just for the event -, and is convinced that it's «a unique initiavive to gather whole Spain mods» - nothing against that sentence and quite agreeing but I just didn't pronounce those words or nothing similar.

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